Travis "TJ" Johnson

Full Name

Travis Johnson

Also Known As

O.G Johnson
Johnson Junior






6' 0" (1.83 m)

Date of Birth


Place of Birth

Liberty City


Los Santos, San Andreas


Carl Johnson (Father)
Unnamed Mother
Sean Johnson (Uncle; Deceased)
Brian Johnson (Uncle; Deceased)
Kendl Vialpando (Aunt)
Cesar Vialpando (Uncle)
Beverly Johnson (Grandmother; Deceased)
Unnamed Grandfather

Main Affiliations

The Families
Trevor Philips Industries
Lamar Davis
Franklin Clinton
Yardies (Formerly)

Travis "TJ" Johnson is the son of the legendary Grove Street Families OG Carl Johnson. Travis later in his life would follow in his father footsteps and become deeply involved with the Families.


Early LifeEdit

Travis was born in 1991, Liberty and was the son of Carl Johnson and a unnamed women. Travis growing up in a poor district in Liberty he became involved in crime when he was only 11 years old. On his 13th Birthday his mother finally told Travis the truth about his father and who he was. This however drove him to become involve heavily in the Cities Gangs. He would become associated with the Jamaican street gang known as the Yardies. He would do multiply jobs for this gang in his early teen years.

Events of GTA IVEdit

In 2008 Travis would be arrested for armed robbery and be sent to a Liberty City Juvenile Detention Center. Were he sevred two years and got out in 2010.

Events Prior to GTA OEdit

In 2012 he met Tavell Clinton a former Family gangster and a roommate of Jacob a member of the Yardies. Tavell introduced Travis to CGF For Life Lamar Davis on Lifeinvader. Lamar and him became close friends. In 2013 Lamar said to Travis, ''"Hey Playa me and some homies are starting a. Well we're starting this new set of Fams and I was wondering if you wanted to be apart of. I'll pay for your plane ticket so what you say homie?."''. Travis wanting to follow his fathers footsteps accepted Lamars offer.

Events of GTA OEdit

After arriving in Los Santos, San Andreas Lamar introduced him to many activites and associates. Two of the associates being CGF Drug Dealer Gerald and the other being Car Dealership Owner Simeon Yetarian. Over time Travis would met new assicates on his own such as Lester Crest and psyhco path and CEO of Trevor Philips Industries Trevor. Travis would do heist and jobs for this associates.

Travis would end up mainly doing jobs for the Families like saving Family members Stainly and Leroy from the Vagos or interrupting drug deals between many rivail gangs for Gerald. Travis even tookout rivial gang O.Gs and rivial gang members in generals.

After gaining reputation and repect Lamar introduced Travis to Benny's Garage and Lowriders. He would help Lamar become the king of Los Santos Low Riders seen. Travis helped Lamar by disgusing himself and assicates as Ballas and Vagos and starting a Gang War between the two gangs. He would later help Lamar steal and deliver Lowriders for Lamar and his associate Vernon. Some of this jobs however went wrong resulting in Lamar loosing trust with the Families. In order to gain back trust Lamar had Travis steal more lowriders and kill more rivial gang members in the Vagos and Ballas.