Thomas Ferguson is a 26-year old police officer in the LCPD. He weighs 110 lbs, eye color is blue, and is 5'9.


Thomas was born in Alderney in 1982. Growing up, he learned many fighting ways, and planned on joining the police force. When Eric was born, he was told by his father what big brothers do for little ones. In 2001, he joined LCPD. When Eric was in school, he was picked on by an older student constantly and ganged up on. The student cut him on the arm with a Knife. Thomas heard about this, so one rainy night he, Marlon Glick, and two other police officers confronted Eric's bully and his buddies, and beaten them up. He threatened them to stay away from Eric and leave him alone, or they'll be signed up to the juevenile center for bullying of younger children. This caused Eric to drop out of school, despite being at an early age.

In the forceEdit

Thomas was described nicknamed Electro Tom by other officers(male ones) due to his like of the Electro Baton. He first appears in 'Dirty Work' alongside Marlon Glick(though he is mentioned in 'Road Hogs'). He wraps his arms around Natalia and Ashley, and assists them in their confrontation with some corrupt police. They escape with HPV1000's, the girls on one bike, boys on the other.

He continued to deal with crime for awhile.

King Courtney attacked the police at a speech. He, Ashley, and Natalia chase him down, and kill him. He and Natalia kiss, and she wraps her arms around him, as the three officers leave the scene. He then tells them that he's fleeing to Atlanta.


He is described by many female officers(Natalia and Ashley included) to be womanizing and dislikeable. Later on, when his little brother, Eric, steps into the picture, he dropped the womanizing act. Natalia favored that, and decides to take him out on dates. He gets a kiss from her.


Natalia Elizabeth Harrison: He has a crush on her, and shouts out sexual comments to her. She dislikes him at first. Later on, he acts less womanizing and they go out on a date. After the date was finished, they converse infront of Natalia's house. He asks for a kiss, and she does so.

Ashley Wilkins: Not attracted to her as much as he is to Natalia. She also likes Marlon's dropped womanizing act, and dates him.

Marlon Glick: Along with him, he too is womanizing, but doesn't hit on the two female officers. They chat about the two at times. He also drops his womanizing act later on, and dates Ashley.