Former crew in GTA V.
The Bad Whews Emblem Improved

History Edit

The original members served as members of the U.S. Army for multiple years together before either being medically or honorably discharged in 2012.

11 November, 2014

The crew's co-leader, Grif, was prepping for an operation to raid a rivals hideout via air assault when a stinger came from his crews sniper support location. He managed to evade the first two, but was destroyed by a third. Grif was presumably killed in the explosion, along with a dozen members. The ground assault team was ambushed by an IED moments after the helicopter explosion, killing multiple members, the survivors began taking accurate automatic fire from the rear and both sides. Assaulting through the objective, one Alyssa linked up with Grif, who she had thought was killed in the explosion, he was dragging a member, who had bled out moments before and died, to one of the few buildings. Grif appeared to be wounded as well, blood running down from his neck and blood pulsing from his leg. Alyssa was also wounded, but only non life threatening injuries.

The two fled into a basement, arming themselves for a final stand, when they discovered it was an underground drug tunnel leading to who knows where. Following the tunnel, it lead away from the area far enough not to get detected. The two not knowing what to do now, decided to just go towards Fort Zancudo, in hopes of possibly starting a new life. Eventually the two split up after briefly meeting with a crew affiliate, Rimzy. Alyssa ended up being a high class prostitute in Pacific Bluffs and Grif ended up oversees in a combat contractor role.