Early art work of GTA 2050

Grand Theft Auto 2050 is a is an upcoming fanfiction piece developed and published by Psyfyman81.

If this were a real Grand Theft Auto game it would be the first set entirely in the future.


The purpose of the fic, is to see how a GTA game would feel if it were set in the future. In a massive urban sprawl like Los Angeles in Blade Runner, complete with flying cars, laser guns and customizable body parts. It is slightly based and inspired by Grand Theft Auto 2.


1. Corporate bounty hunter Yolanda St. Clair


2050, Denver.

In the future, corporations run rampant and the United States and many democratic nations around the world have enacted laws that benefit corporations and lessen government control.  The government's only job is to enforce the law. Which leaves the power of enforcing the law to private military contractors and security forces. However, when two corporations "go to war" with one another, they battle behind the scenes and most crimes go unnoticed...