Grand Theft Auto: Sin City is a story I'm working on.


Sin of the biggest, notorious and crime infested cities in the United States. Parties in Sinwood, drug deals in Las Mombasa and gang battles in San Unadreas. The Russian Mafia burn houses, the Italian Mafia buy diamonds and drugs, the Irish Mob rob banks and stores, and in the middle of that lies the Vinci crime family, the family everyone wants to work, rat and kill for. John Thompson gets involved in the societies of dark crime, rising and falling.


John Thompson - The main character in Sin City. John has lived in Sin City for over five years with his brother, Liam. In the present day, John is recruited into a small time gang sticking up stores and taking part in showdowns at basketball courts. However, his reputation rises along with his payroll. EVentually, he ends up as a part of the Vinci Family. But, when the SCPD and the FIB decide to eradicate the crime in Sin City, John faces the battle for his life.