This is my 2nd story and this focuses on the deleted GTA character Darkel. Exploring BETA characters, missions, vehicles, etc has always fascinated me about GTA

Characters Edit

Darkel- Leader of a group of homeless terrorists whose goal is to simply get revenge on Liberty State for " pulling them under" and will at meany means destroy the states economy.

Samuel Deever- Mayor of Carcer City. He is one of the many targets of Darkel's attacks.

Miles O' Donovan- Mayor of Liberty City and is another target of Darkel. He is aligned with Mayor Deever and together are attempting to wipe the terrorists out.

Mike Toreno- Current chief of CIA and currently moved from San Andreas to Liberty State to help out the East on the "War on Terror". His main goal is to protect the President and Mayors at any cost.

President Sam- Darkel's biggest target. He recides on Capital City in the Decision House but has been in threat since the rise of terrorists on the East coast.

Claude- Darkel's goon whom he asks to destroy Liberty with him and to take down primary targets such as Donald Love, Novy, and others.

Plot Edit

To be written...