Grand Theft Auto: Angels of Police is set during GTA IV and it's episodes, it is also the follow up to Grand Theft Auto: Locals' Defenders. The story returns to Liberty City police officer, named Natalia Elizabeth Harrison as she continues to enforce the law of the crime-corrupted Liberty City.


Similar to Vice City Stories, you are part of the government(police in this case), so government vehicles will be more common. Infiltration-esque missions will be more common aswell, while chase and ambush missions will be however uncommon. You also still get wanted levels for doing crimes, this is for free roaming cases however. In addition, during a mission, attacking fellow police officers will make them fire at you. Gangs and territories are now common, this includes your own gang, the police of course. New side missions are "Investigation" and "Anti Theft". Natalia has the ability to handcuff attackers.

Weather has improved. Hurricanes will now occur, and thunderstorms with power outages now occur. The Cochrsion). The NOOSE Tank from The Ballad of Gay Tony returns, and makes an important role in one mission where Natalia is an observer in the NOOSE.


Angels of Police introduces eight new, police-grade weapons, identified as Hitman-tier weapons.

Electro BatonEdit

Type: Melee

Damage: 40(5 for further electrocution)

The Electro Baton can electrocute opponents and stun them.

Special Pistol

Type: Handgun


Electro GunEdit

Type: Handgun

Battery: 50/500

Damage: 50(5 counting further electroucution)

Fires bolts of sizzling electricity that electrocute people.

Defense ShotgunEdit

Type: Shotgun

Clip: 8/72

Damage: 45

Inaccurate Shotgun but is capable of hitting up to three targets in a hallway. Has the firerate of the Automatic/Explosive Shotgun.

Defense SMGEdit

Type: Submachine Gun

Clip: 40/1160

Damage: 15

Don't confuse with Micro-SMG. Has perfect accuracy and high fire rate, but is fairly weak.

Defense Assault RifleEdit

Type: Assault Rifle

Clip: 20/600

Damage: 45

Weapon primarily used by Police on Mavericks. Very accurate and strong, but slow firerate.

Laser Sight SniperEdit

Type: Sniper Rifle

Clip: 5/45

Damage: 80

Sniper Rifle with Laser Dot for accuracy. Used by NOOSE rooftop snipers.

Tear Gas GrenadeEdit

Type: Thrown

Carried: 25

Damage: 5(continuous for suffocation)

Used for clearing out rooms.

Missle LauncherEdit

Type: Heavy

Carried: 15

Damage: 100

Used by Police to take out enemy vehicles. Also has a heat-seeking ability. Effective, but the missle moves slower.


Same from before, but the Annihilator and Police Maverick can now be used for Side Missions. The Annihilators Miniguns, sadly, are the non-explosive ones from GTA IV, not the Episodes. Not only that, they now auto aim, and you can have fellow police officers riding onboard with you.