Black Velvet was a group suspected of organized crime in the former Eastern Block Country of Hungary.

History Edit

Eastern Block Faction Edit

Founded in 1987, the group started out as a Mafia type group. Eventually the group took the side of insurgents and stockpiled weapons for an upcoming revolution against Russia. At some point during the Hungarian Revolution, they were all presumably killed by Russian Soldiers.

American Faction Edit

Believed to be founded in 1991.

First became known on their attack on Fort Zancudo, 1 January 2016.

Current Known Members Edit

Rimzy - Founder of the American faction. Born in Hungary, only known survivor of the European faction. Immigrated to America in 1991 after several years of stealing cars.

Alyssa - Recruited in 2015. Former member of The Bad Whews.

Grif - Recruited in 2015. Former member of The Bad Whews. In his military career, he has 3 combat deployments under his belt in which he sometimes suffers from PTSD. Before joining Black Velvet, Grif did contracting work oversees for the U.S. government.