Ashley Wilkins is a 23-year old female police officer.

In the forceEdit

The two officers went on many cases together throughout 2006 and early 2007. They hung out in eachother's homes(and once got into a playful tickle fight). She and Natalia enjoyed donuts at times(and had a brief run in with Niko Bellic).

Natalia was shot in the shoulder by an Albanian gangster with a Pistol while she was telling Ashley not to tell Thomas about the situation.

Ashley and Natalia would soon observe in the NOOSE.

During the attack by the Yardie's gang, almost killing her and Natalia, they both went to chase King Courtney, along with Thomas Ferguson, as they retrieve an Annihilator to pick her up. They pursued him to the countryside of Alderney. The two had a brief shootout, with Natalia winning. After she executes Courtney for trying to shoot Natalia, the two get back to the police station.

Outbreak and DeathEdit

Ashley didn't know what was going on. She was bit by an infected citizeb, and killed. Natalia finds her, cries, and kills her with a Pistol as she reanimates.


Natalia Harrison: Large likeness of her, they never fussed not one time. They refer to themselves as sisters they never had.

Thomas Ferguson: Early on, she dislikes him, and refers to him as "Baton-obsessed freak" or "womanizing asshole". Later on, he acts less womanizing and takes her and Natalia out on hangouts. One night, she let's him suck her toes.

Eric Ferguson: Thomas' 12-year old younger brother. Not much interaction, but she does teach him basics about the police. He's also very ticklish, as Ashley takes advantage of his fear of being tickled by tickling him until he peed himself.


Ashley weighs 104 pounds, and is 5'7 tall. Her hair is most of the time brown, but she'd dye it blonde(equivalent to Natalia dyeing her hair brown, they called it "Color Shifting"). Ashley's eye color is green.


  • Donuts: Her favorite type are sprinkled ones with any type of icing(primarily strawberry).
  • Pizza: Her favorite topping is pepperoni.
  • Vehicles: She likes Aircraft(the Annihilator).


  • Ashley is described as having fat, chubby legs.